Hostel Application Form


Please write relative contact number & relative relationship 请写下亲属电话号码&亲属关系
Please write relative contact number & relative relationship 请写下亲属电话号码&亲属关系

Rules & Regulations for Staying in The Company Hostel 宿舍条规

1.The following activities or actions are strictly prohibited in the Company’s hostel 公司宿舍严禁以下活动:

• Quarrelling, fighting, intimidating, or coercing other employees, physical violence.
- 争吵,打架,恐吓或胁迫其他雇员,施加暴力。

• Drunkenness, intoxication, riotous disorderly or indecent behaviour.
- 醉酒,暴乱或不雅行为。

• Possession of any harmful weapon, unlawful or illegal items.
- 拥有任何有害武器,非法物品。

• Conduct any action which is likely to endanger the life or safety of any person.
- 采取任何可能危害任何人生命或安全的行动。

• Conduct any illegal or unlawful activities or actions prohibited under the existing laws of the country.
- 进行现行法律禁止的任何非法活动或行为。

• Drinking alcohol.
- 喝酒。

• Gambling.
- 赌博。

• Theft or fraud.
- 盗窃或欺诈。

• Committing any immoral act.
- 犯下任何不道德的行为。

2.For boy hostel, no girl or woman are allowed to bring into hostel and vice-versa.

3.No friends or relatives are allowed to stay in the hostel except approval personnel.

4.All occupants must maintain and upkeep the hostel.

5.All occupants have to discipline and follow instruction given by appointed person-in-charge in the hostel.

6.All occupants have to pay for whatever damages due to wilful destruction of hostel facilities.

7.Management will appoint representative to conduct regular spot check in the hostel. All occupants have to discipline and follow instructions given by appointed representative.

8.Do not destroy the utensils and electrical appliances in the living room of the hostel.

9.There are not allowed smoking at hostel area and 2nd floor which is include toilet.

10.Clean the hostel regularly.

11.If you faced any problem or have any questions, can contact hostel leader to find assist.